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Our Detox Rocks got a New Look!! and now have 25% more goodness than before

Our Detox Rocks have had a bit of a make over, and it's not just a nice new label either .. they now contain 25% more goodness than before thanks to the larger tub. Each of our detox rocks is packed with seaweed, organic botanicals and essential oils designed to address specific concerns. Our Citrus Detox Rocks is designed to stimulate, tone and tighten the skin, perfect for decongesting the body in time for that summer holiday. Our Rose Detox Rocks is designed to firm, moisturise and pamper the skin, perfect for dull, tired, and maturing skin, and for the ultimate pamper try our 3 Flower Detox Rocks, designed to sooth, calm and repair the skin, perfect for creating a sense of well-being and tackling sun-burn. To celebrate our new Detox Rocks enjoy 15% .. enter D-ROCKS at checkout. buy now

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