Our aim is to provide high quality products that provide all the natural goodness gifted to us from mother nature that promote good health and beauty practices at an affordable price with no compromise on the quality or customer service.

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Lochside Natural Products Ltd is a small family run artisan business passionate about supplying customers with handcrafted health, well-being and beauty products using high quality ingredients sourced from the finest producers of natural sources of essential minerals and organic produce.

Being fortunate enough to live right on the shore of a beautiful salt loch in Argyll, Scotland with an abundance of wild seaweed, led to trying a seaweed bath with fresh seaweed harvested from our loch shore.  Today we use our seaweed in our Lochside Artisan Salts range which provides a variety of premium unrefined salts including gourmet cooking and bathing salts.  In our bath salts we use our own seaweed. We hand harvested the seaweed ourselves from the shores of our loch at low tide and naturally dried it, then add it to high quality premium unrefined salts and combine with an abundance of organic botanicals and essential oils to provide luxurious aromatic bath soaks.. 

Wanting to find a healthier, natural alternative to cleaning our teeth and to 'teeth whitening' led us to develop our natural oral care range, Coco-Black, using natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, coconut oil and natural minerals.  We developed a range of oral care products that help to clean teeth and create a good healthy oral environment.  We do not make any claim that our products 'whiten teeth', we do not use any harmful chemicals that bleach teeth, we only use natural ingredients that exfoliate teeth and clean the mouth to aid healthy teeth and gums and the removal of staining that will take your teeth back to your own natural colour. 

Natural sources of vitamins and minerals have an abundances of health and beauty uses and in sourcing the finest of ingredient to use in our oral care and bath salt range led us to offer our Lochside Natural Products ingredients range for our customers to take the high quality bases we have sourced to make their own natural health and beauty products.

We harvest the seaweed used in our products from the loch shore at our home in an environmentally friendly way.  We take every care to select the best wild Scottish Seaweed and harvest by hand cutting when the tide is at it lowest point.


We rotate our harvesting areas and harvest each species of seaweed at specific times during the season as advised by Scottish Natural Heritage to allow for healthy regrowth.   We then hand wash, delicately dry, produce and pack all our products from our workshop on the shores of our loch.

We handcraft all our oral care and bath salts ranges and hand pack all our gourmet cooking salts and natural bases.


We painstaking research and source the purist quality of ingredients to offer our customers, and only ever offer what we use on and in our bodies ourselves.




Our philosophy is simple:  High quality products with outstanding customer service at an affordable price.

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