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We offer premium quality salts sourced from the most pristine regions around the world known for their purity and high mineral content.


Our Salts are all unrefined and contain no bulking  agents, anti-caking agents or preservatives.  Our salts can be used for cooking, seasoning and bathing.  

Celtic Grey Sea Salt

Suitable for: Seasoning, Cooking, Bathing

A naturally mineral rich brine moist salt harvested from the Atlantic seawater off the coast of Brittany, France. This salt is harvested using the 2,000-year-old Celtic method of wooden rakes allowing no metal to touch the salt. It is naturally aired and sun-dried in clay ponds and gathered with wooden tools to preserve its living enzymes as marine micro flora and macronutrients are trapped as it dries. Because it is unrefined, it contains all of the 84 beneficial live elements found in seawater, with no chemicals, preservatives or additives.


This salt has a light grey hue that it gets from the mineral rich, pure clay lining of the salt beds it is harvested from.

Celtic Grey Salt is best used for cooking.  Due to is moist characteristics this salt is not suitable for salts grinders but can be easily crumbled with the hand to seasoning food.  It is widely use for brining and salt crust baking.

Celtic Grey salt also works well in bathing, with it soft crumbling texture it easily melts into the bath water, providing a softening affect on the skin.

Whatever you use this salt for, you won't be disappointed



Himalayan Pink Salt

Suitable for: Seasoning, Cooking, Bathing

Also known as Jurassic Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt is 250 millions years old and comes from the ancient seas and oceans that once covered our planet.  As the mountain ranges rose up to form the Himalayans these ancients bodies of water were trapped which slowly dehydrated creating mineral deposits froze it a time where no pollution or toxins existed. 


Cherished for its beauty as much as it is for its purity and essential trace nutrients, Himalayan Pink Salt’s colour ranges from spring water clear to hibiscus pink and rose red.  

Himalayan Pink Salt Rocks work well as both a cooking salt and bathing salt due to it's high minerals content and purity.  We use this salt mostly in our therapeutic bath salt range due to it's beautiful appearance and ability to compliment the natural homeopathic botanics and essential oils that we use. 

Himalayan Pink Salt works as an excellent seasoning and cooking salt, again with its high mineral content it is a healthier alternative to table salt due to its purity.  Whether you’re looking to flavour food or run yourself a nice relaxing bath, our Himalayan Rock Salt is one kind of salt you won’t need to feel guilty about.

Jordanian Dead Sea Salt

Suitable for: Bathing

The Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the world and renowned for being packed full of minerals essential for maintaining a healthy body such as Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bromide, Bitumen, Chloride, Calcium, Zinc, Iron.


Historically Dead Sea Salt has been widely used in salt therapies, in particular thalassotherapy where sea salt water in used in conjunction with seaweed for iodine, magnesium, mineral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory remedies.


Dead Sea Salt is renowned for its deeply nourishing properties and been scientifically proven to contribute measurably to feeling better and treating skin, rheumatic and muscular conditions and associated pain when used in salt baths.

Detox Rocks: Botanical Bath Salt Soaks

Suitable for: Bathing

We handcraft a variety of botanical rich bath salts to provide deeply nourishing, relaxing, rejuvenating and detoxifying bath soaks that balance the body and the mind.   

All our Detox Rocks Botanical Bath Salt Soaks feature high quality salt, our own dried seaweed, organic dried botanicals and premium quality 100% pure essential oils.

Chose from:

Laidback Lavender 

Restoring Rose

Wellbeing 3 Flowers

Stimulating Citrus

I am very happy with my celtic grey sea salt, beautiful moist salt, delivered quickly, beautifully wrapped ... excellent in all ways

- Kath, March 2017 -

Absolutely love these bath salts, smell amazing and so relaxing, will buy again

- Lisa, March 2017 -

I buy all my salts for my restaurant from Lochside, premium quality, fantastic service and quick delivery... I buy with confidence from this company

- Paul, Feb 2017 -

The service was supreme - extra efficient, fast delivery. The bath salts are simply divine - an absolute treat to have a long, relaxing bath that smells so beautiful. I shall definitely be purchasing again - thank you x

-Emma, Oct 2017 -

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