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Not all turmeric is the same.  Some have little or no curcurmin.   Our turmeric contains 6-7% of curcurmin. Curcurmin is the active property in Turmeric that provides the reported health benefits.  
Our Turmeric blend, Turmeveda, is blended with Black Pepper to increases the bioavailability of curcurmin and has added cinnamon to provide a pleasant blend for use in smoothies, lattes and baking. 


Each bag contains 100g

High Strength Turmeric Curcurmin and Piperine Black Pepper Powder with Cinnamon

  • As reported by Dr Michael Mosley in Trust Me I’m A Doctor, the body can find it difficult to absorb the curcurmin in turmeric – however studies conducted found that the body absorbed up to 20 times more curcurmin when combined with Black Pepper.


    Each Pouch contains 100g of Turmeric and Black Pepper (98%Turmeric, 1% Black Pepper, 1% Cinnamon)

    We make your blend to order.  

    Expiry date is two years from the date of Manufacturing.


    About Curcumin

    Curcumin is the main biologically active phytochemical compound extracted from turmeric roots. Curcumin is widely used as a herbal alternative medicine for treatment of various illnesses worldwide and has been an Ayurveda medicinal ingredient for centuries.


    Reported Qualities of Curcumin






    Liver protectant

    Lowering cholesterol

    Anti-arthritic effects

    Typically used in alternative therapies and natural medicine to treat pain and stomach conditions

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