June 28, 2017

We have hand selected 10 delicious smoothies recipes and given each of them a potent shot of our Diatomaceous Earth.  Diatomaceous Earth is credited with a long list of health benefits including, aiding digestion, helping the effectiveness of a weight loss program and cleansing the body to rid it of toxins in the gut, intestines and colon and depositing silica into the body.  Silica is an essential mineral for healthy glowing skin, hair and nails... Diatomaceous Earth  ... it is tasteless and can be added to water, juice and smoothies.  

Chocolate Cherry Chia Silica Protein Smoothie Recipe


1 cup of frozen cherries

1 - 2 Medjool dates (depending on sweetness)

2 tb...

June 27, 2017

We are proud to launch our Month Supply Oil Pulling Mouthwash Pack.  Each pack comes with 3 x 100ml Bottles of Coconut Oil Pulling Mouthwashes in a clear Cosmetic Storage/ Travel Bag.  You can choose from Black Mint, Peppermint, Lemon and Orange Anise.  Or spice things up and choose one of our variety packs.....  to celebrate the launch of our Month Supply Oil Pulling Mouthwash Packs enter OPM25 at checkout

June 20, 2017

So the UK is having a bit of a heat wave .... and hurrah Scotland is included in this one!  ...... Here are some beautiful ice cubes to chill your white wines, prosecco, cava, champagne... you get the idea  .... and perfect for a wedding ice bucket too .. just pop in any botanical, fruit or herb in ice tray and fill ice tray with water x

June 19, 2017

Our Detox Rocks have had a bit of a make over, and it's not just a nice new label either .. they now contain 25% more goodness than before thanks to the larger tub.  Each of our detox rocks is packed with seaweed, organic botanicals and essential oils designed to address specific concerns.  Our Citrus Detox Rocks is designed to stimulate, tone and tighten the skin, perfect for decongesting the body in time for that summer holiday. Our Rose Detox Rocks is designed to firm, moisturise and pamper the skin, perfect for dull, tired, and maturing skin, and for the ultimate pamper try our 3 Flower Detox Rocks, designed to sooth, calm and repair the skin, perfect for creating a sense of well-being and tackling sun-burn.   To celebrate o...

June 9, 2017


June 7, 2017

While looking for a summery treat I found these ice lollies on Instagram courtesy of

We think these would be a great treat for kids and adults alike, nice way to cool down on a hot day, for a garden party or colourful end to a BBQ.

Lochside NP has shared the recipes below


Red Ice Lolly:

Blend handful of fresh strawberries, handful of frozen cranberries and 1 date until smooth. Add edible flowers to ice lolly moulds and pour into mould.

Orange Ice Lolly: 

Blend one peeled orange, handful of mango cubes and 1/2 tsp sea buckthorn powder until smooth. Add edible flowers to ice lolly moulds and pour into mould.

Yellow Ice Lolly:

Blend 2 big handfuls of fresh mango cubes and juice of...

June 7, 2017

Mixing Bentonite Clay can be tricky and you may find it difficult to dissolve or mix well.  Here are some tips and tricks from Shay at Bulk Herb Store in the USA for three basic ways to mix and use bentonite clay.  

Click here to buy our Sodium Bentonite Clay or here for Calcium Bentonite Clay

Make a Bentonite Paste (for bites, stings, cuts, abrasions, spots, pimples, face masks etc)

To get a nice pasty consistency--something comparable to sculptors' clay--mix 1 part clay to 2 parts water.  Add the clay powder to a jar that will hold at least 3 times the measurement of clay.  Carefully pour the water into the clay and allow it to sit (covered or uncovered--doesn't matter) for several hours for smaller amounts to several d...

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